Adar Press is not just a label for a news website.
It is a name that carries the essence of the revolutions of this nation’s population. It is a name which is full of courage, power, history, current reality and our planned future.

Adar (March)  as a label refers back to Kawa the Blacksmith’s Revolution against Dahak the King, to the agony of Halabja, to the Kurdish Uprising in March 2004, and to the March 15th Revolution in Syria.

Since the label addressed the renewal within the society, Adar Press as a website had to be up-to-date. As a political news website, sometimes cultural as well, it seeks to cover events as fast as possible.

The website relies on experienced press and academic staff. It seeks to develop its services through professional practice.

The website updates the news on a daily basis.

It uses the Internet as a means to provide the information and news to our readers.  
The website covers the regional, Syrian and specifically the Kurdish news.

We in Adar Press try to be present on the spot of the event in order to convey to our readers the reality as it occurred.

Adar Press is politically impartial and independent from all parties, trends, and organisations. It is close to the citizen.

It puts the citizen, as the core of the society, under the reality microscope and sides with him/her.

Adar Press is committed to an editorial policy that is drawn by its own staff through its own style in terms of form and content.

On August 1st 2013 we started towards gaining the trust of the society. As was took this step, we are going to continue as long as the determination does not depart the hearts of our staff.
Honesty, professionalism and hard work, will not only be slogans that we contradict.

We shall make them our daily reality. As Adar Press puts everyone under the microscope, it also puts itself under the microscope of the society through development in order to be a fundamental base for academic and professional media.


Adar Press Editorial

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