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US officials confirmed the suspension of training of Turkish pilots on F-35 fighter jets at an air base in Arizona faster than expected, Ankara said Washington did not move to form a working group with it, according to "Reuters."

 "The ministry is aware that the Turkish pilots at Locke Air Base will not fly," said Mike Andrews, a spokesman for the Pentagon.

"Unless there is a change in Turkish policy, we will continue to work closely with our Turkish ally to end his participation in the F-35 program.

In Ankara, the head of the Turkish Defense Industries Corporation said on Monday the United States had not yet moved to form a joint working group to assess its concerns over Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 defense system.

Washington confirms that the purchase of Turkey - its NATO ally - system "S-400" poses a threat to Lockheed Martin's F-35s and warned against possible US sanctions if Turkey continues to complete the deal.

Turkey, a key partner in the F-35 program, said the S-400 would not affect aircraft and suggested Washington set up a joint working committee to assess US concerns.

Ismail Demir, head of the foundation, told reporters in Ankara that his country was ready to discuss US concerns.

"If the technical concern is related to the deployment of the S-400 in Turkey, we have said many times that we are ready to discuss it. But the other side did not take any steps to form the technical team and discuss the matter. "

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