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Kurdish media sources said on Wednesday that an explosion occurred in the center of the city of Afrin occupied northern Syria, resulting in the deaths and injuries in the ranks of pro-Turkish Syrian militants.

The sources said that a car belonging to the gunmen of the Syrian factions of Turkey exploded today, in the villas street in the center of Afrin, killing one gunman and wounding at least two others.

 According to sources, the car exploded as a result of an explosive device planted inside, without knowing who is behind the operation.

On the other hand, the sources said that the "military police" formed by the Turkish occupation raided yesterday, the village of "Matinh" belonging to the "Sharra" in Rural Afrin, and kidnapped a number of civilians, including a woman.

Among the civilians who were kidnapped (Farhad Haj Abdo - Issam Abdel Hanan Omar - Idris Hanan Khalil - Fidan Hussein Hamo).

Edit: E. Ahmad
Translation: Adar Press.

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