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Britain and France have announced they have agreed to send additional troops to Syria to replace the retreating US forces.

The United Kingdom and France, the only US partners with troops in Syria, have pledged a slight increase in the number of troops from 10 to 15 per cent, according to the Foreign Policy, Other countries can also send a certain number of troops Military, but in return the United States must pay for it ».

 The source added to the newspaper that the timetable for the increase in the number of troops is unknown, noting that the administration was "very disappointed" with talks with allies on the provision of additional resources to fight the "ISIS" organization in Syria.

US President national security adviser, John Bolton, said the withdrawal of his country's troops from Syria would be followed by promises from Turkey not to attack Kurdish forces.

"The withdrawal of the United States from Syria will be made after a promise from Turkey that it will not harm the Kurdish fighters," Bolton was quoted by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation as saying.

On December 19, US President Donald Trump announced the start of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and its return to the United States without setting a date.

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