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Russian news agency Sputnik reported that: "The armed terrorist organizations launched a major attack on the positions of the Syrian regime in rural Lattakia North based on open supply lines with Turkish territory, and heavy missile and artillery shelling from behind the northern border."

The correspondent of "Sputnik" a Syrian military source confirmed that the units of the Syrian regime was able to thwart the violent attack by armed groups, on Tuesday evening, on several axes in the countryside of northern Latakia.

 He explained that several groups belonging to the organizations of "Ansar al-Tawhid" and "Guardians of religion" and "Islamic Party of Turkestan" attacked the positions of the Syrian regime on the axis of "Dorra" and "Atira" in rural of Lattakia North, where the militants to target the positions of the regime with a large number of missiles and artillery based on supply lines Background extends from the south-western countryside of Idlib, bordering the Syrian-Turkish border, eastward towards the border areas of "Durra and Atira" with Turkey.

The source added that most of the missiles and fire that targeted the positions of the regime were fired from within the Turkish border, and that with the escalation of the clashes, the regime forces evacuated some of its advanced points to accommodate the attack and fortified the positions of more defensive and managed to launch a counterattack, which restored control over all points to return control map to What it was before the attack.

The Russian agency noted that has recently escalated operations "Turkish public support for armed terrorist organizations in Idlib and fronts of the demilitarized zone" after the significant progress achieved by the Syrian regime through the military operation to restore these areas (as described, although Western reports pointed to The regime and the Russians failed to make any real gains on the ground, as a result of Turkish support for the militias).

The Russian agency said that "emerged in the transfer of large military reinforcements consisting of hundreds of armored vehicles and mechanisms and thousands of fighters belonging to the so-called national army pro-Turkey in Afrin to the front lines" with the Syrian regime.

"The Turkish observation posts in northern Hama and South Idlib were turned into parachutes and centers for terrorist organizations where launched their attacks on military posts from these parachutes. Turkish forces also entered the line of terrorist attacks by bombing the Syrian army's defense lines in line with terrorist attacks. .

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Translation: Adar Press.