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The Liberation Forces of Afrin said in a statement issued on Wednesday that it carried out yesterday against a Syrian faction belonging to Turkey in the occupied Afrin, northern Syria, killing one gunman and wounding another.


"The forces of the Liberation of Afrin": "Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and his mercenaries in Afrin and its surroundings, and thus killed more dead and wounded in the ranks of mercenaries."

"On July 9, our forces detonated an explosive device targeting a military vehicle carrying one of the leaders of the mercenaries of the so-called" Ahrar al-Sham "in the center of jinderes.

She confirmed that the operation resulted in the killing of a "mercenary named Abu Hassan Sufyan, and the injury of another mercenary seriously injured, in addition to the damage to the military vehicle."

Edit: E. Ahmad
Translation: Adar Press.

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