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A third explosion occurred in a motorcycle in Al-Kalasa district in the city of Hasaka, the center of Hasaka province, amid news of a member of the Asayish forces, the Hawar news agency reported.

The agency said the explosion at the train barrier in the neighborhood of "Kalasa" in the city of Hassake, northeast of Syria.

 According to preliminary reports, a member of Asayish was injured in the blast. Two explosions occurred in the city of Hasaka in the neighborhood of "Salhiya" with two motorcycles, on Thursday morning.

Syria's democratic forces seek to hunt down the remnants of ISIS organization and its dormant cells, which carry out terrorist operations with the support of regional parties, led by Turkey.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has revealed on the twenty-fourth of last February, the existence of sleeper cells east of the Euphrates, is preparing to carry out assassinations in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic forces and its forces, where cells are trying to avenge the defeat.

In this context, the anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested a member of the terrorist organization "ISIS" after a qualitative operation carried out on Tuesday evening in one of the houses of "al-Tayyar" neighborhood in the city of al-Raqqa.

The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces said that the operation came on the basis of intelligence obtained by the anti-terrorism units from their field sources, after a search and investigation ended with the arrest of the terrorist belonging to one of the sleeping cells associated with the organization "ISIS."

The terrorist organization "ISIS", through its sleeping cells in the areas of self-administration, targets civilians by means of improvised explosive devices and assassinations, especially after the geographic defeat suffered by Syria's democratic forces.

Counterterrorism units of the SDF carry out specific operations targeting terrorist hideouts, in coordination and cooperation with the Internal Security Forces and the International Coalition Forces to fight "ISIS".

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