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A violent explosion rocked the center of Afrin province, occupied by Turkey and Islamic militants called the Free Army and the National Army.

The Syrian Observatory said that it was found that the explosion was caused by a car bomb Thursday morning, at the "Teranda" road at the entrance to the city of Afrin, which caused casualties.

 According to the observatory, he died and killed at least three people, including a citizen, in addition to the number of wounded, while the number of those killed is still rising, some of the wounded in serious cases, in addition to information on the deaths of others.

In turn, the Anatolia agency of the Turkish occupation said: that killed at least eight civilians and wounded 35 others in the explosion of a fuel tank bomb in the city of Afrin occupied.

The explosion took place in the area of ​​"Teranda" south of the city, and also caused a great fire from the burning of fuel oil in the tank.

With each bombing, the Turkish militias accuse the units of protecting the people responsible for them, which is adopted by the Turkish occupation immediately after the occurrence of any explosion without the work of investigation, in the context of ready charges, as a result of its failure in the management of the occupied Kurdish region.

And confirms the people of Afrin that the bombings are the result of competition between the militias of the occupation, and an explosive device was detonated by an armed settler when he tried to plant them near a rival militia.

No bombing took place in Afrin when it was under the control of the People's Protection Units. However, since the occupation began on March 18, 2018, and until now, explosions continue to take the lives of innocents.

The Kurds suffer from the great inconvenience of the residents of Afrin, causing a deterioration in the security situation and kidnappings and theft in the displacement of more than 70% of them, while the rest stayed in Afrin under a semi-mandatory, where they are prevented to move without prior security approvals even towards their fields!

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