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The Islamic State terrorist group is re-emerging in Syria because the United States partially withdrew its forces from syria and has "strengthened its capabilities" in Iraq, a Pentagon inspector said in a report on Tuesday.

"Despite losing its regional succession, ISIS has strengthened its capabilities in Iraq and resumed its activities in Syria during the current quarter," the report said.

 He added that the group was able to "consolidate and support its operations in both countries, in part because local forces are unable to continue long-term operations, launch several operations simultaneously, or preserve the territory they have regained."

Washington has linked the re-emergence of the group in Syria to the "partial" withdrawal of US troops.

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced on March 23 to eliminate the "succession" of the organization, and then announced SDF start a new phase in the fight against the organization, the pursuit of sleeper cells in coordination with the international coalition.

Analysts and military experts emphasize that the elimination of the "caliphate" does not mean that the danger of the organization has been eliminated, because its ability to move sleeper cells in the areas from which it was driven from the Syrian desert.

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