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Afrin liberation forces announced on Wednesday that they were able to kill seven gunmen from Syrian factions and wounding two Turkish soldiers during clashes yesterday in villages belonging to the "Sharra" in the countryside of occupied Afrin, northern Syria.

The Afrin Liberation Forces said: «As part of its heroic resistance, our forces repelled the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the villages of the district of Sharra and left in their ranks a number of dead and wounded».

 She explained: «On August 6 this year, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bombed villages (Shawarga, Malikiyah), a suburb of the population of civilians with heavy artillery and mortar shells, and reconnaissance aircraft flew overhead.

She added: «Then the mercenary groups began to cover the Turkish artillery attack on the two villages in the two axes, where our fighters confronted them, and after that fierce clashes that lasted more than two hours, during which our fighters managed to foil all the mercenary attacks and killed a number of them».

"According to what has been observed, seven mercenaries were killed during the clashes and several others were wounded, and they are from two factions (Shamiya Front - North Storm)."

"After that, the Turkish occupation continued to bombard the area with heavy artillery, causing heavy material damage to the homes and property of civilians, where our forces responded to the sources of shelling around the village of Mereimin with heavy weapons, which seriously wounded two Turkish soldiers."

Translation: Adar Press.

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