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The “Afrin Liberation Forces” said in a statement published on Wednesday that it had carried out an operation against Turkish gunmen in Aleppo countryside, killing two.

 The Afrin Liberation Forces said: “On August 13, our forces detonated two explosive devices with a group of elements of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the vicinity of Mazraat Al-Mukhtar village of Tal Al-Madiq village in Al-Shahba areas, where two mercenaries were killed, followed by a clash of medium weapons between our forces and The mercenaries, were not able to know the results of these clashes."

She added: «Concurrently, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bombed the villages of Sharra (Marnaz - Malikiyah) and villages of the Shahba areas (Tal Al-Mdiq, Samuqa, Um al-Hosh) with heavy weapons and reconnaissance aircraft (Darun) Destroyer, which caused material damage to civilian property».

Translation: Adar Press.

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