Adar Press

The internal security forces "Asayish" in northern and eastern Syria announced the death of one of its members and the injury of two others as a result of the explosion that took place this morning in Al-Arbouieh neighborhood of Qamishlo city in northeast Syria.

 "A car bomb exploded Sunday (August 18th) in the city of Qamishlo, close to the Al-Arbouiya neighborhood, at 8:35 am," the ISF media center said in a statement issued after the blast.

He added: «a member of our forces rose to the rank of martyrdom, and two were slightly injured after the explosion of a car bomb targeted a training institute, which they were working to protect».

He said: "It is noteworthy that our forces quickly began to impose a security cordon around the place of the bombing and collect evidence and began the necessary investigations, which will be disclosed to the public once they are over."

Translation: Adar Press.