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The Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera province announced the restoration of two young Yezidi women from Al-Houl camp, east of Hasaka province

The Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera province issued a statement yesterday evening announcing the removal of two women from al-Houl camp in coordination with the camp administration, who were abducted by the Islamic State terrorist organization from Sinjar district in the summer of 2014.

 According to the statement, the two young residents of the village (Kojo), "Efraj Dakhil Bashar (22 years) and Delsoz Mustafa Ammi (18 years)."

In a statement published by the agency "North Press" said Mahmoud Rasho, a member of the Yazidi House in the province of Al-Jazeera, that the process of recovering the two Yazidi girls was carried out in coordination with them and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

He added: We contacted Yazidi Delsuz Amo by phone and after two months we were able to reach her inside the camp and get her out, while the other young woman, Efraj Dakhil, was recovered in coordination with the Syrian Democratic Forces who tried to flee with a group of women wives of the organization inside the camp and took them back from a village (Haddad) of the city of Hasaka. ”

The girls will be reunited with their relatives in Sinjar after communicating with them in the next few days, "Rasho" said.

Translation: Adar Press.

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