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The head of the Kurdish Center for Political Development, Moussa Moussa, said that the “safe zone” to be set up in northeastern Syria raises many suspicions and fears among the Kurds, pointing out that the areas of northeastern Syria are stable and secure, and therefore need protection from the greedy forces and not vice versa. He pointed out the need to be a "safe zone" by a UN resolution and international protection in order not to become the fate of the region as the fate of Afrin.

 In a statement to Adar Press in response to questions about the “safe area”, Moussa said: “The safe area is the name adopted in these talks, although international agreements and resolutions used other terms (buffer zone, demilitarized zone, neutral zone, protected area). Not very different in purpose from the term “safe area” in general. ”

Moussa said: «I do not think that the safe area for the benefit of the Kurds in Kurdistan Syria for many reasons, the Kurds in Syria are still deprived of the most basic national rights, and this approach is adopted by the regimes in all countries that share Kurdistan, and the experience of the regions established in each of Rwanda Sri Lanka, Bosnia, and areas of de-escalation in Syria (as safe areas) did not enjoy security and stability, but witnessed massacres against the safe population ».

Moussa pointed out that "the will of the powerful countries in Syria is the only one capable of creating a real space for security and stability if they wish to do so, and the establishment of a safe zone in which we are not involved in this area as much as it is a strategic Turkish demand."

Moussa concluded by saying that «the region of northern and eastern Syria is safe today, it needs only to ensure its protection from the forces of obscurantism, and not to protect others, it does not attack Turkey, the regime or the Syrian opposition, so the claim to protect them is only an end is not in favor of the Kurds strategically".

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