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The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), Mazloum Abdi, said that the Islamic State terrorist organization is still strong and threatens the future of Syria and that they continue to fight it.He pointed out that the Turkish attack on Afrin negatively affected the campaign of the Syrian Democratic Forces against the terrorist organization, and that the issue of Afrin is an important point for the success of the peace process with Turkey, calling on Damascus to negotiate and recognize the autonomous administrations and legitimate rights of the Kurdish people.

 This came in a speech delivered by Mazloum Abdi during the annual meeting of the leaders of military formations under the roof of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which began today in the city of al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria.

Abdi said in his speech: «We hold today the annual meeting of our military councils after we achieved victory over ISIS with the support of the international coalition, and we hold this meeting to assess the military and political victories we have achieved, and our strengths and weaknesses in order to lay the foundations for our military action to protect our areas in the next stage, That is, after the fall of ISIS, and the spread of security and stability in all our regions and Syria in general ».

He added: «This meeting will be the basis for building a military force that will ensure a unified free Syria, and we face major military challenges threatening the future of our country, especially ISIS, ISIS remains strong and still insists on destroying this country, and here we say that the new stage is difficult, especially as ISIS "It is spread in populated areas through its sleeper cells, so fighting ISIS is one of the most important topics of our meeting."

The Commander-in-Chief of the QSD asserted that they continue to fight the terrorist organization, calling on the international coalition to continue supporting its forces to achieve the final victory over the organization.

Mazloum Abdi said in his speech that «the Turkish attack on Afrin negatively affected the campaign of the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS, and that the Turkish threats to our forces disturb the efforts of our forces and the international coalition forces to defeat ISIS».

He said: «We affirm that Afrin is an important step for the success of the peace process between us and Turkey, the return of Afrin to its people is one of our main points, and without the return of Afrin will not achieve lasting peace in Syria».

 “We announce that we will exert all efforts to achieve compatibility with the Turkish state in coordination with the United States of America.

Mazloum Abdi also called on Damascus to "negotiate with representatives of the self-administration and the QSD, and to favor a political solution, on the principle of recognizing democratic self-administrations and recognizing the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people."

At the end of his speech, the Commander-in-Chief of the QSD addressed the restructuring of their forces. “We have started the restructuring of the QSD forces,” he said. “We have achieved great victories in this field, and we started forming military councils in all areas, and formed specialized professional forces. "This meeting will begin the process of restructuring the QSD by forming a general council that will unite all the councils under our umbrella."

Translation: Adar Press.