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The joint president of the Presidential Council of the Kurdistan Community System, Besi Hozat, said that the government of Damascus «must act realistic and logical», calling on them to "sit with the democratic self-government and recognize the existing entity" in northeast Syria, stressing that this step does not mean a division of the country They reinforce their unity and block the path to partition.

"Syria has been witnessing for seven years the Third World War, and this war will be raging in Iraq as well, and will spread to Iran and Turkey as well. Turkey has become the center of World War III," Hozat said. The war has entered a new phase, ruling out the possibility that it will soon end.

 She added: «In the current Syrian situation, it seems that America is seeking to involve Turkey in the new arrangement for Syria, and the Turkish occupation of Idlib, Afrin, Jarablus, Bab and Azaz comes in this context. Now it wants to involve Turkey in certain balances in the east of the Euphrates. Russia is also pursuing a certain policy with Turkey in accordance with its interests, and the Turkish state seeks to take advantage of this to eliminate the Kurdish people ».

Hozat pointed out that the dangers that threaten the Kurdish people in Syria persist, calling on the Kurdish people to defend themselves against the Turkish occupation and rely on the "people's revolutionary war."

She said: «Turkish occupation seeks to occupy the entire areas of Rojava, the elimination of democratic self-management and the eradication of the revolution. Our people must strengthen their relations with the people of the region. We must strengthen relations with the Arab people and prepare for the stage. No one thinks of the freedom of the people, no one thinks of the freedom of the Kurdish people and the freedom of the rest of the people of Syria, neither America nor Russia nor regional powers ».

The joint president of the Presidential Council in the Kurdistan Community system called on the Damascus government to leave the mentality of the former state, stressing that things can not return to what it was before.

She said: «Damascus should not deal with the mentality of the former state, things can not return to what it was, Syria has been divided, there has been war for eight years, and no longer can a country can return to what it was…. The Damascus administration should act realistically and logically, sit down with the democratic self-administration, resolve the issue, and recognize the existing entity.

"The Damascus administration is seeking to weaken the self-administration and regain control of its areas," she said. As a result, this issue must be resolved with Damascus. The areas of northern and eastern Syria are Syrian territory, and within the Syrian borders… The efforts of self-management in the north and east of Syria are positive. The parties should discuss and resolve their issues through negotiations. ”

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