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Seven gunmen from Syrian factions belonging to Turkey were killed in operations carried out by “Afrin Liberation Forces” on Tuesday in “Azaz” area of ​​Aleppo countryside, according to a statement issued by the forces on Wednesday.

 The "Afrin Liberation Forces" Said: "Our forces continue to carry out qualitative military operations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in and around Afrin, causing more deaths and injuries in their ranks."

She explained: «On September 3, our forces carried out a three-pronged attack on the positions and fortifications of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the village of Kafr Khasher of the region of Azaz».

"Our fighters clashed with the mercenaries face-to-face in more than one location. The clash killed three mercenaries and wounded another mercenary. Two positions were destroyed and an A4 weapon was destroyed."

"In parallel, our forces detonated an explosive device with a military vehicle carrying a number of mercenaries in the same village, where it was destroyed and four mercenaries were killed, and two others were wounded," she said.

Translation: Adar Press.

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