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The Turkish army and its militant Syrian factions continue their abuses and crimes against innocent civilians in the occupied Afrin in northern Syria.

 Gunmen kidnapped a Turkish citizen, Hassan Ahmed Haji, from the village of "Gecla al-Wastani" in the "Shiya district of the town, the "Hawar" news agency reported.


According to the agency, the gunmen demanded the man's family for $ 10,000 in exchange for his release.

The agency also quoted local sources as saying that the factions belonging to Turkey has begun a kidnapping campaign in the district of Jinderes and its villages.

These factions often detain civilians for material and other reprisals without real charges, according to press reports.

It is worth mentioning that these factions have kidnapped over the past three days more than 40 civilians, including women from several villages in Afrin.

Translation: Adar Press.

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