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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara is determined to start implementing and establishing the safe zone east of the Euphrates in northern Syria by the last week of September.

Erdogan said Thursday in Ankara that his country was determined to create a "safe zone" in northeastern Syria in partnership with the United States by the end of September, but was ready to work alone if necessary, he said.

 On the other hand, the Turkish president threatened to open the door for Syrian refugees in his country to go to European countries, in the absence of the necessary assistance to Turkey to support the refugees.

"If we do not get enough international support on the refugee issue, we will open the way for them towards Europe," Erdogan said.

The joint chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, said Wednesday that any Turkish soldier will not enter the safe area agreed between Washington and Ankara.

"Our forces will withdraw from the border areas for a distance of 5 kilometers," Muslim said during a meeting with Arab tribes in the northern Syrian region of Tal Abyad, adding that their local councils would protect the area and establish security there, and no single Turkish soldier would enter the area.

He added that "the agreement between the United States of America and Turkey, is not related to the establishment of (safe area), but a protocol aimed at protecting the border areas."

Translation: Adar Press.

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