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Syrian hardline factions of Turkey have kidnapped a number of civilians, including 4 members of the same family in the occupied Afrin in northern Syria.

Kurdish media sources said that the gunmen of the factions raided, yesterday, the village of "Qor taqlaq" district "Sharra", and kidnapped four people from the same family, and took them to an unknown destination.

 The sources identified the four kidnapped as Essam Manan Shabo Tamo, 35, Mohammed Ahmed Sheikh Tamo, 34, Mohammed Sheikh Ahmed Tamo, 45, and Luqman Mohammed Sheikh Tamo, 20.

The gunmen also abducted four residents of Arab Shekho village in Mabata district, four residents of Kamrouk village in Shra district, and a resident of Jinderes.

The sources cited the names of some of the abductees (Abdo Hanan, Hassan Shekho, Hussein Aref and Mohammed al-Hamko).

Translation: Adar Press.

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