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The "self-administration in northern and eastern Syria" rejected the Turkish plan to resettle Syrian refugees in the "safe zone" to be established with Turkish-American agreement, as Ankara seeks in the province of Afrin, of which 75% of its original Kurdish population was displaced by a military invasion launched. It is called "Olive Branch".

 "We have no place to settle for anyone other than the residents of northern and eastern Syria," Hussein Azzam, the head of the Legislative Council of self-administration, said in remarks to Russia Today.

Azzam added, "If these citizens are residents of these areas under the influence of (self-administration), we welcome them and help them, but if they are from other parts of Syria, they can return to their areas from which they were displaced," which means refusing to resettle strangers from Other Syrian areas such as Homs, Damascus and Idlib, as in the occupied Afrin province.

The official's remarks come in response to a plan by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resettle at least one million Syrian refugees in a “safe area” that could be formed on the border with Syria.

Erdogan said in a speech at the headquarters of the Turkish Justice and Development Party on Thursday, "We are determined to start to actually establish the safe area east of the Euphrates in Syria, in the way we want, until the last week of September."

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