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US forces in the international coalition began conducting surveillance patrols in coordination with the Tal Abyad military council east of the town of Cree Spey / Tall Abyad

The Hawar news agency reported that US forces began patrolling this morning from the village of Hashisha east of the city of Cree Spey / Tel Abyad in coordination with the Military Council of Tel Abyad.

 The patrols are part of understandings on the security mechanism agreed upon between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkey under US mediation.

The first step of these understandings was the removal of fortifications and SDF points from the area between Sere Kanya and Cree Spey / Tel Abyad.

As part of the second step, military patrols are being conducted between Coalition Forces and local military councils, which have received the points from which the SDF withdrew on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The current patrol includes 10 US armored vehicles and helicopters belonging to the International Coalition are flying in the area.

Translation: Adar Press.

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