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Gunmen of Turkey's hardline Syrian factions have tortured an elderly man in occupied Afrin in northern Syria, the Kurdish news agency Hawar reported on Tuesday.

 Mohammed Omar Hamdoush, 73, from Mapata district, was severely tortured by the armed factions, causing fractures and injuries to his hand and shoulder, the agency said, citing local sources.

The Afrin Media Center announced yesterday the death of a young man named "Hamada Hanif Hussein" under torture after being kidnapped by the military police of the Turkish occupation, two days ago.

The Center said, quoting local sources, that the young man was tortured in Raju district prison after being kidnapped with a group of people from the village of Bilelko, accused of dealing with the former self-administration.

It is noteworthy that dozens of civilians have lost their lives under torture in the prisons of the occupation since the Turkish forces and their Syrian factions have taken control of Afrin.

Edit: E. Ahmad
Translation: Adar Press.

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