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Gunmen from Turkey on Tuesday kidnapped 14 civilians, including women, in occupied Afrin in northern Syria, according to Kurdish media sources.

The sources said that the gunmen of the Syrian factions belonging to Turkey, raided yesterday, the village of "Kafr Safra" district "Jinderes", and kidnapped seven civilians and took them to an unknown destination.

 Hours later, the gunmen again raided the village and abducted seven others despite attempts by residents to prevent them from doing so.

According to sources, the gunmen shot at the residents after they tried to intervene to stop the arrests, wounding four civilians.

The sources cited the names of some of the kidnapped persons (Dilshan Kuger, Zaloukh Hussein, Mohammed Programming, Khalil Programming, Abdulrahman Programming, Shaaban Programming, Murad Programming, Khurshid Mohammad, Sharafuddin Alloush Sheikho, Ali Khalil and Khalil Murad).

Editor: E. Ahmad
Translation: Adar Press.

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