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Member of the Executive Committee of the Movement of Democratic Society, Aldar Khalil, said that the recent Turkish statements claiming that the United States does not adhere to the border security agreement are indicative of Ankara's evasion of the agreement and reveal its occupation objectives in the region. stressed that the plans of Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, towards the areas of northern and eastern Syria have become clear.

 This came during a speech delivered by “Aldar Khalil” at the Forum of the Kurdish tribes held in the city of Direk under the slogan “loyalty to the blood of our martyrs continue our resistance in defense of our people and our gains”, in the presence of about 1200 representatives of Kurdish tribes in northern and eastern Syria.

Khalil said in his speech that the regions of self-management with various components have been able to preserve the region from external interventions wishing to distort the people's revolution against injustice and slavery, pointing out that the threats currently facing the region comes within the framework of efforts to strike the cohesion of these peoples, and that what Turkey is doing now It is in this context that rejects the will of the peoples of regions of self-management in northern and eastern Syria.

Khalil said that the Turkish threats against the areas of northern and eastern Syria are serious threats, adding: "We as the peoples of the region to continue to work for the cohesion of peoples, and prepare for any emergency or attack that may be exposed to the region, and requires the stage to prepare by all means to face these threats."

Khalil said that the self-administration and its experience can put an end to all attacks and external threats, which is the way to reach a solution to the Syrian crisis, and not as promoted by trying to secede or fragment the region, and in this context the administration is always ready to dialogue with all parties to reach a solution to this crisis, which Deepen more and more.

He added: «In order to reach solutions suitable for all parties must represent the will of the peoples of the region, without favoring one party at the expense of another party, and any committee working on the Syrian constitution must represent the various components of the region, without the representation of all Syrian parties, especially the people of northern and eastern Syria "It will be useless."

Khalil pointed out that Erdogan evaded the recent agreement between Turkey and the United States, «shows the objectives of the Turkish occupation in this region», adding: «Turkey insists through its recent statements to bring the Turkish army into the region, under the pretext of the lack of commitment of the United States to a security zone Borders, Erdogan's plans are clear about the areas of northern and eastern Syria and the people of the region after its great experience in the resistance, which was able to defeat many mercenary groups and will be able to face any kind of threats, and the people are aware of the real objectives of Erdogan and the AK Party.

In his speech, Khalil called on Kurdish political parties abroad to return home, saying: «All Kurdish political parties abroad, which are still linked to some external parties to abandon these parties and return home, return to the people, and work in favor of the Kurdish cause, and work for Serving this people who sacrificed throughout this period ».

Khalil stressed at the end of his speech that the unity of the Kurdish people will contribute to accelerate the achievement of the goals «serve the Kurdish people, especially the liberation of Kurdish areas and the first Afrin, we all believe that the resistance in Afrin and Shahba will be the beginning of the liberation of Afrin».

Translation: Adar Press.

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