Adar Press

In the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka countryside, in northeastern Syria, this morning, Saturday, the body of an Iraqi refugee was found, according to the Hawar Agency.

The agency said that the security forces found the body of the Iraqi refugee Bakr Muhsin Farhan, a young man in his third decade, from the residents of the second sector, in the valley adjacent to the sector from the northern side of Al-Hol camp.

 An official in the camp's internal security forces said that the victim had been subjected to several blows with a hammer to the head, explaining that "upon finding the body, we found the hammer next to the victim and the blood marks were visible on it."

"The killings in which the hammer is used have become more frequent, and are being used by ISIS mercenary women, in an attempt to punish anyone who tries to move away from their extremist ideology, whether they are displaced or Iraqi refugees residing in the camp," the official said.

Translation: Adar Press.