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Several fires broke out today, Thursday, in separate areas in northern and eastern Syria, firefighters and the people of the nearby villages were able to extinguish them.

Agricultural crops were located in the village of Al-Gat, northeast of Manbij.

 The media center of Manbij Military Council stated that their forces, and with the help of the people, were able to put out the fire immediately.

And another fire broke out in the village of Harbel of Al-Shahba district, the firefighters were able to control it quickly, and according to local sources, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation set up the fire.

In the context, another fire broke out in Bilqis village, east of the countryside, in the area of ​​Tel Hamis, southeast of Qamishlo, and firefighting teams managed to extinguish it after eating about five dunums of barley.

Several fires erupted in the agricultural crops earlier in the day in the villages of (Tamani-Copernak-Sarangi-Nisk-Qazali-Shurpa) west of Tal Abyad, due to a Turkish cut of the mentioned areas.

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