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The SDF succeeded in arresting an ISIS cell consisting of 3 people in the "Kasrat" area of ​​the southern countryside of Raqqa who were receiving instructions from Turkey and preparing to carry out operations and bombings prior to Eid Al Fitr.

According to Hawar, the first terrorist named "Abd al-Baqi Uqla al-Jasem" and his nickname "Abu Amir", was tasked with making explosive belts and explosives and detonating cars.

 In what is called the second terrorist, "Mohammed Hamad Al-Salama" and his nickname "Abu Ibrahim Al-Khalifa," his main task is to buy cars to detonate them.

As for the third, he is called “Ibrahim Hilwa Al-Ibrahim” and his nickname “Abu Khalil” has been seized with explosives, belts and explosives in his possession, in addition to a car bomb.

The agency stated that the second terrorist, "Mohammed Hamad Al-Salama", acknowledged that he was receiving funding and instructions from another terrorist named "Ziyad", who is in the occupied city of Ras Al-Ain / Sri Kanyeh

This terrorist had prepared about 15 explosive devices, as he was planning to enter a car bomb to the city of Raqqa to detonate it before the holiday.

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