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The security forces found the body of an Iraqi refugee in Al-Hol camp in Hasaka countryside, in north-eastern Syria, while extinguishing a fire that broke out this morning in the camp, according to Hawar Agency.

The agency said that a fire broke out this morning in the first sector for Iraqi refugees in Al-Hol camp 45 km east of the city of Hasaka, which led to the burning of two tents.

 During the firefighting process, the security forces found the body of a dead man in one of the two tents, after which he was taken to the medical point in the camp.

The security forces in the camp indicated that the body belonged to an Iraqi youth named “Khamis Hamid” who was in his third decade.

She said that the Iraqi refugee was killed after receiving 6 blows to the head, noting that the killing took place before the burning of the tent.

The security forces stated that they were able, through surveillance cameras and interrogation of the residents of the neighboring tents, to obtain some evidence about the incident.

She said that the investigation process continues until the perpetrators are reached, pointing out that this type of crime is usually committed by ISIS women, as it targets those who abandon ISIS in the camp.

Al-Hol camp is one of the largest camps located in the areas of self-administration, as it is inhabited by more than 67 thousand people among Iraqi refugees and displaced persons, and more than 40 thousand people from the families of ISIS mercenaries, including children and women, "Syrians, Iraqis, foreigners."

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