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Insecurity continues in the territories occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries. In addition to the physical liquidations and assassinations between the rival factions, looting, and armed robbery have started to affect mercenaries.

 According to local sources, unknown persons on a motorcycle threw a grenade, this evening, on a traffic police patrol in the roundabout center in the occupied city of Al-Bab.

According to the sources, the accident occurred after a dispute between the unknown and the roadblock, which resulted in the injury of two people.

In occupied Afrin, unknown persons stole a car carrying money for the “Legion of the Levant” mercenaries near the Deir Ballut crossing.

According to local sources, unknown persons stopped a car carrying an estimated amount of 20 million Turkish liras (the salaries of the Legion of Mercenaries) near the village of Muhammadiyah, which communicates with the Deir Ballut crossing, and they stole the money and fled to an unknown destination.

Translation: Adar Press.

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