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Today, Saturday, two children were injured as a result of the continuous Turkish shelling on the "Ain Issa" district in northern Syria, according to Hawar Agency.


The agency said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted civilian homes in “Ain Issa” district with heavy weapons, which resulted in the injury of two children, and they were transported to hospitals in the city of Raqqa for treatment.

The Turkish occupation forces and the extremist factions affiliated with them have recently intensified their attacks on the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces, especially the “Ain Issa” area and the surrounding villages.

Earlier on Saturday, the sources said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries renewed their artillery shelling of the center of “Ain Issa” district, confirming that the bombing is still continuing until the moment.

This comes one day after a similar Turkish bombardment targeted the district and surrounding villages, in addition to the village of “Al-Toukhar” in the northeastern countryside of Manbij.

Yesterday, Friday, the occupation forces bombed the villages of “Maraanaz and Alqamieh” of the “Sharra” district, in addition to the village of “Suganiki” of “Sherawa” district in the occupied countryside of Afrin.

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