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The Syrian Protection Units (YPG) will withdraw from a 5 to 14-kilometer-wide strip on the border with Turkey, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) said on Tuesday.

"According to the US-Turkish talks, the width of the border line on the Syrian side will vary and will include rural areas or military sites, not cities or towns," Bali told Reuters.

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The Turkish army and its militant Syrian factions continue their abuses and crimes against innocent civilians in the occupied Afrin in northern Syria.

The "Hawar" Kurdish news agency reported that the Turkish factions kidnapped six civilians from the village of Deir Ballut, which belongs to the district of Ginderes.

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The Popular Defense Forces, the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), said on Monday that its fighters targeted Turkish army units in the Haftaneen area of ​​the legitimate defense areas (Medya), killing 20 soldiers and wounding others.

The media center of the Popular Defense Forces said in a statement that the Karela fighters repelled the movements of the Turkish occupation army, which began on Sunday in the area of ​​"Haftaneen" of the areas of legitimate defense (Medya), and "managed to inflict historical losses on the ranks of the enemy .. and prevented military units from advancing Around the area of ​​operations. ”

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The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), Mazloum Abdi, said that the Islamic State terrorist organization is still strong and threatens the future of Syria and that they continue to fight it.He pointed out that the Turkish attack on Afrin negatively affected the campaign of the Syrian Democratic Forces against the terrorist organization, and that the issue of Afrin is an important point for the success of the peace process with Turkey, calling on Damascus to negotiate and recognize the autonomous administrations and legitimate rights of the Kurdish people.

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The head of the Kurdish Center for Political Development, Moussa Moussa, said that the “safe zone” to be set up in northeastern Syria raises many suspicions and fears among the Kurds, pointing out that the areas of northeastern Syria are stable and secure, and therefore need protection from the greedy forces and not vice versa. He pointed out the need to be a "safe zone" by a UN resolution and international protection in order not to become the fate of the region as the fate of Afrin.

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Three Turkish soldiers were killed in a clash with PKK guerrillas in the southeast of the country near the border with Syria and Iraq, local authorities said.

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