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The Center for Family Development is one of the centers opened in Derek/ Malikiya, northeast of Syria. It is one of the most important goals and priorities of the Family Development Center to support the family in overcoming the concepts and beliefs that its members may not be able to live in. Awareness courses on the one hand and professional on the other hand, in addition to providing educational and recreational courses for children in a typical and civilized way.

Adar Press - Exclusive

The Education Authority in AL-Jazeera province has revealed the details of its plan for the academic year 2018-2019. The opening of the Faculty of Computer and Computer Science in Al-Hasakah City will be the most important step of this year, in addition to the activation of some secondary schools.

Adar Press - Exclusive

In a move that may be the first of its kind in the world, a women's TV was opened in Roj-Ava, northern Syria, under the name "jin-tv". The details of this channel are to be linked to women alone, from preparation, presentation, photography, , To serve as a platform to raise issues related to women in northern Syria and the world.

Adar Press – Exclusive

Yasmine Qouj, Member of the Center for Jineologî Studies in Manbij, said that: "The science of (Jineologî) reveals the reality of women through the scrutiny and analysis of social, cultural and historical women in general, and the designation of women's science come from the great shortage of all branches of science, which branched up the division of society, and therefore remained solutions incomplete and inadequate, Hence, " Jineologî " is the restructuring of the current sociology. "

"Qouj" In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, adds: "The idea of ​​this science began from the crises of society and the harsh conditions experienced by women and problematic issues in the social arena, and theses of thinker and philosopher Abdullah Ocalan, especially in his book (Sociology of Freedom) and shed light on the need to know the reality of women and the first colonies, All of this puts us in the task of revisiting the phenomena of society - women - life. Women and life are connected to each other throughout human history. In order for women to unite globally, they must have an ideology and science In the sense that all aspects of life must be united and complemented, such as ideas - struggle - politics - resistance - and others ».

Adar Press – Exclusive

The last batch of civilians from Afrin and its townships have been displaced for nearly ten days, living in the open without the slightest attention from the international community and international humanitarian organizations.

Although the lenses of journalists and activists on social networking sites have been marked by many tragic scenes about the situation of those displaced, international and relief organizations have not moved and have not taken any concrete steps yet.

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Since the start of the Turkish military operation against Afrin, and the Turkish army targeting infrastructure in the province, in a move activists say it is "systematic", which increases the suffering of civilians who have been shelled for about two months.

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After the General Directorate of Electricity in the province of the northern Syria (aljazira) this year to rehabilitate the high tension line 230 KV, connecting the tabaqa dam and the city of Hasaka, and the transfer of 100 megawatt hours, around the clock, to positively affect the improvement of the reality of electricity in most cities and towns of the province, The Turkish government began to hold large quantities of water to the Syrian side, which led to a low level of water in the lakes of dams in northern Syria, causing a large volume of power generation from these dams to feed the cities and towns in the province.

Adar Press – Amouda
"Amouda" like others cities of Self-Management in Al-Jazeera Canton since 5 months from the worse of produce of bread, for the worse of flour that Syrian government distributes on the ovens.

One of the citizens expressed on the loaf of bread by saying <<We eat amount of dirt that could be harmful on our healthy, dome of us saw small insects within the loaf of beard>>.

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It has been a year to form a unity between political parties within the Union, a new party on behalf of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria to mobilize sufficient energies to defend the Kurdish issue in Syria.


As it was the target of that unit, to create a new state of political struggle, which has to face the difficult circumstances that the Kurdish people went through.

Adar Press - Afrin

At the last period in Afrin began to spread in the recent group of Syrian opposition newspapers such as (Sham 's Echo, My Country s' Grapes, Urbanization and Our Syrian), which vary between the pages of local news, economic, cultural, opinion articles and publications as well as include some entertainment side in its pages.

In its total it could be considered as civilization newspapers because it contributes of facing of  the religious radical and ISIS in special.

Exclusive (Adar Press) – The popularity of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was at its lowest level before the start of the Syrian crisis, MB followed the civil Islam , it was active in the cities but not effective in rural areas , the group adopted a pan-Arab Islamic thought that did not address the Syrian mosaic

Death penalty, which has been pursuing members of the group , the life of luxury that was experienced by the group's leaders outside the country , the group management by elderly staff and not giving the opportunity for young people , all of that had contributed to the weakening of the mass support of the group in addition to the internal conflict between hard-liners represented by Hama members and moderate trend represented by Aleppo members and the formation of Syria Rescue Front  in partnership with Abdel Halim Khaddam led to the termination of the group's public support at home and even abroad .

Exclusive(Adar Press)- Damascus.. The magnetic north for religions and faiths
The Kiblah for both Sunnis and Shiites..

The heart of the Middle East and the capital of regional balance..

The war has started to devour the colorful mosaic of this historic city. Al-Nusra Front considers this ongoing war “an old-new conflict”
The sectarian Sunni and Shiite conflict has continued for long decades in Syria, but covertly.
Salafi trends have always existed in Syria and they flourished in cities far from the countryside and politics. These trends organized themselves in religious schools focusing on culture and thought. These schools were the source from which many Syrian intellectuals appeared like Abdulrahman AlKawakibi.  

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