Adar Press - Afrin

At the last period in Afrin began to spread in the recent group of Syrian opposition newspapers such as (Sham 's Echo, My Country s' Grapes, Urbanization and Our Syrian), which vary between the pages of local news, economic, cultural, opinion articles and publications as well as include some entertainment side in its pages.

In its total it could be considered as civilization newspapers because it contributes of facing of  the religious radical and ISIS in special.

This newspapers characterized by well form, full-color print quality in addition to the quality of paper used, the quality, but with regard to the content quality Adar Press polled the views of some of the media in this area.


"Mohammad Bello" a Kurdish Media,  praised this step and directing some of the remarks by saying: «Without doubt the existence of a variety of journalism in the street of Afrin is to enrich the cultural scene in the region, the source would be paid to the local press by virtue of competition to the same development to be able to compete with newspapers, which recently entered the line create public opinion in the region, particularly as it is distributed for free on the street, and this in itself will create a serious challenge to the local press».


He added: «On the other hand the distribution of these opposition newspapers in the region is normal situation, but it did not interested so much by the interested of the readers, and which is required from those is that to carry on their sorrow and pains».


While the media, "Ali Abdul Rahman," pointed to the importance of this step as a way to deliver the Syrian votes to each other , where he said: «according to my opinion of the entry of those newspapers to markets such as" My Country s' Grapes "and others is a good step by recognizing the rest of the Syrian cities and promote the convergence of observers».


He adds: «it will benefit the exchange of views and the possibility of reciprocal writing articles and also to identify the culture of the region, we hope more media openness on the city of Afrin as it's being a part of Syria in the end».


"Abdul-Rahman" facing at the end of his scathing criticism of newspapers that do not recognize of the Kurdish people and its rights, and asked them to do so.


On the other hand, Adar Press explored the views of a range of readers as well, where the "Abu Dilo" said: «that the media has agendas clearly, and it does not address in any way to the issue of the Kurdish people, and did not pay attention to the demands of the people in general».


He pointed out that instead of printing the number of newspapers and distributed free on the readers, it was the first for them to allocate those funds for the needs of the people, as he said.


While "Bave Ayind " said  «it is positive, a variety of interest in public affairs, but the news is not accurate, in addition to the daggle of some articles from the linguistic point of view, it also falls short towards the Kurds did not assuming interest also did not address the role of the Kurdish national movement».


While "Allan" says: «It does not reflect the Kurdish community and nation, contribute somewhat in the deployment of civilian culture, but on account national specificities».


It is worth to mention that the opposition newspaper group (Urbanization, our Syrian My Country s' Grapes, and Sham's Echo) does distribute free on the some headquarters by theirs representatives.





Translation for Adar Press: Dijlla Ossi