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It has been a year to form a unity between political parties within the Union, a new party on behalf of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria to mobilize sufficient energies to defend the Kurdish issue in Syria.


As it was the target of that unit, to create a new state of political struggle, which has to face the difficult circumstances that the Kurdish people went through.

But, is this party was able to work hard and achieve goals erected on its shoulders in these circumstances? It is able to cope with ENKS parties and play an active and positive role on the Kurdistan stage, in the Roj Ava and between Syrian opposition?.


Adar Press monitoring the views of a number of Kurdish intellectuals about what has been achieved or not achieved by Democratic Kurdistan Party -Syria.

Columnist "Shirashvan Battaal" says: «that any unification process between the parties and factions converged intellectually and heroic in the ranks of the Kurdish movement is positive and blessed comes in the national question service, so it can be said that since the contract Unionist Conference even before held, it exposed to pressure and harassment and intentional targeting in terms of arrest or assassination, and the closure of its offices and burned to dissuade its from playing its role at the national struggle».


With all of that, "Battaal" believed that the party played a positive and pivotal role among the masses and the Syrian Kurdish movement and the opposition, and is a cornerstone in the Kurdish and Syrian political equation, reliable and a lot of hopes and aspirations, as he said.

It goes on to say: «There is a kind of default, marginalization and lack of responsibility on the part of the party leadership, as there are leaders and officials in the party do not have political experience and cultural level enough, and these constitute a real obstacle and impediment to progress and development of the party.


So, "Battaal" asserts on the need for a self-critical review by the party leadership.


"Azad Ahmed" the former member of the (KDP) sees that people were waiting  eagerly the establishment of the new organization, and it was optimistic the annexation of four organizational structures in the body and one in which the energies of all combine to build a militant organization capable of carrying the burden of this critical juncture after the failed Kurdish parties generally from achieving any real gain over four years ago.

It is considered that the achievements of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria during the year of his birth did not accomplish the previous regulations.



Pointing out that members and cadres PDK-S accomplished many cultural activities, social, relief, folk and receptions for mass funerals of the martyrs of the Peshmerga Rojava as never previous regulations that have made such rapid pace.


He said: «fans were contemplating that the organization offers a field steps; acquisitions and end the dominance of the nation's democracy advocates on the scene and on the fate of the people, will not be an argument for not wanting to clash with the brothers and the specter of fraternal strife and the possibility of the destruction of Kurdish cities».


"Ahmad" sees that the party would not succeed in stopping the series of arrests and exile and the law of conscription, was born case of frustration and dissatisfaction among the general masses.

It confirms that the observer of the events of the first day of the founding conference; generated has convinced the possibility of the victory of the visions and the blood on youth marginalization of mind produced by the culture of the last stage.

The former member of the KDP feared the collapse of Kurdistan Democratic Party- Syria, if it is unable to conduct a transparent review of the path of a full year, to achieve what can be achieved.

The journalist "Lund Hussein" a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, considered the project of unity Kurds parties comes as a need for the region and what's witnessing from dramatic development, has been imposed by the informationa and the needs of the current stage.

It believes that territorial and geographical dispersion and distribution for each Kurdish factions, was unbenefited in front of facing the serious challenges witnessed by the Kurdistan province of Syria.


So, "Hussein" thought that it was one of the first requirements, form a unity between insured parties and democratic approach approved the existence of Kurdistan part rapist and an extension of the Syrian state.

He adds: «all those facts have been the subject of confusion and fear the system and the de facto authority, The impact of the return of cadres; were ahead of them armed militias of the Democratic Union Party PYD on the border, but the insistence of the comrades in the leadership to come back and the intervention of the leadership of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, forced them to wait would not be detained on immediately, after weeks cadres were arrested on charges of false and fabricated».


"Hussein" asserts that the accusations amounted to the extent that the party cadres are planning to carry out terrorist bombings in the Democratic Union Party institutions (political, military and civilian), then kidnapped party leaders on behalf of the families of martyrs and the youth revolutionary forces.

He adds: «in front of these practices that lack the minimum degree of respect for the opinions of others and the situation of democracy that sing out day and night in their own media, this fact can not be denied by any person, those acts and practices of arrest and burn the offices of the party under the pretext of the lack of a license, inhibitor was the main prevent and obstacle the movement of cadres' party».

But despite all that, "Hussein," believes that the cadres of the party was able to communicate with all Kurdish villages and cities, and keep strong relationship with the broad masses of the party.

The member PDK-S, who live in Germany, noted that they and with directions from the presidency Office of the Iraqi  Kurdistan, and in order not to repeat the fighting fraternal experience in Syrian Kurdistan region, have worked carefully to achieve consensus and unity within the Kurdish frameworks, grouping all factions to meet the challenges and attacks by the forces of terrorism, and they expressed their willingness to join the military, as he said.
"Hussein" said that their party is part of the coalition, which is representative of all Syrians and their constituents with different affiliations.


Noting that some of the statements issued by some personalities were part of the coalition, the coalition does not represent, being a university institution as a whole to them Syrians.


He pointed to the existence of an active role in the payment of all coalition parties and components of the constitutional recognition of the Kurdish people as a people based on their historical land.

The other Kurdish party, "Hussein" sees it does not recognize the existence of Kurdistan region within the territory of the Syrian state, is that cities and villages Kurdish are the property of all the ingredients, especially those inhabited by members of the Arab nation in accordance with the plan, "Muhammad Talab Helal" that carried out the beginning of the seventies of the last century , with a view to the Arabization of Kurdistan Syria territory.


Preparing by:  Hassan Hussein
Edit: F. Edowar
Translation: D. Ossi

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