Adar Press – Amouda
"Amouda" like others cities of Self-Management in Al-Jazeera Canton since 5 months from the worse of produce of bread, for the worse of flour that Syrian government distributes on the ovens.

One of the citizens expressed on the loaf of bread by saying <<We eat amount of dirt that could be harmful on our healthy, dome of us saw small insects within the loaf of beard>>.

"Berhan Younis" owner of an oven said that Syrian government reduced the amount of flour from /600/ kg per a day to /250/ kg, it mean less than a half.

He added <<We received the flour which is full of bran and not clean, because the clean wheat import to the Coast region>>.

"Ibrahim Serfej" the boss of the Machine oven in Amouda during his conversation with Adar Press, said that the rate of flour that we produced from /100/kg become /95/ while it was /85/kg, furthermore that there is a lot of barn inside the bread, where most of people complain.



Special translated for Adar Press: Dijlla Ossi   


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