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After the General Directorate of Electricity in the province of the northern Syria (aljazira) this year to rehabilitate the high tension line 230 KV, connecting the tabaqa dam and the city of Hasaka, and the transfer of 100 megawatt hours, around the clock, to positively affect the improvement of the reality of electricity in most cities and towns of the province, The Turkish government began to hold large quantities of water to the Syrian side, which led to a low level of water in the lakes of dams in northern Syria, causing a large volume of power generation from these dams to feed the cities and towns in the province.

 Director General of Electricity in the territory of the aljazira, Engineer "Akram Sulaiman," spoke to "Adar Press" about the impact of this step by the Turkish government and increase the hours of rationing in most neighborhoods of Qamishlo, and lack of other neighborhoods.

He said: "The reason for the increase in the number of technical hours in the city of Qamishlo has been due to two weeks ago for two main reasons. First, the amount of electric power coming into the island region from the dams in northern Syria is half the total.

The second reason is that there are frequent breaks in the (suaiydia) generating plant and One of them is out of service for long periods because of technical reasons, and for this defect and the current Damage, work at the main station Qamishlo to get back to service again, but it needs some time ».

He added: "The immediate reasons for the decline in electricity generation are due to the aggressive policies of the AKP government towards the people of northern Syria, which is the reduction of the water intake, which has a negative impact on the generation of electricity from the dams and consequently the poor nutrition of cities and towns.

As for the improvement of electricity in most of the cities and towns of the region previously, "Suleiman": "The number of hours of electricity recharge in most cities and towns of the territory of the aljazira in the previous period, was the result of the introduction of the high tension line 230 KV between the tabaqa dam and the city of Hasaka, The General Administration of Electricity to rehabilitate this line and the extraction of 100 mW.Consumer round the clock, but the Turkish government's seizure of quantities of water received to the Syrian side, caused the low level of water in the lakes of dams in northern Syria significantly, and thus led to a decline Generation of electricity from these dams, note that it is done To provide the territory of the aljazira is currently 80 mW for only 12 hours.

Sulaiman said that the Energy Authority "is working intensively to increase the quantities of electricity generation in the territory of the island, although there are a number of plans are working to solve the problem in part," adding: «I want to note that solving the problem of electricity strategically and completely will not be in Time is near ».

"Recent rains have had a positive impact on the level of water in dam lakes in northern Syria," Sulaiman said. "Rainfall in recent days and floods in sub-rivers have not affected the water level in dam lakes In the Syrian north, unless the Turkish side allows the Syrian quantity or share of the Euphrates River to pass. "

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