Exclusive (Adar Press)- After YPG fighters controlled the towns of Jazaa and Tal Birak, east-south and west of Tal Hamis town, the stronghold of the armed groups of ISIS, it is predicted  - according to activists –  that the Kurdish areas in Syria will witness more clashes and attempts by ISIS to control there.

One of those predictions that came true soon was what happened yesterday evening when some members of ISIS entered Tal Marouf–  a town 20 km south of Tirbesipiye–dressed as civilians. They held position in strategic areas in the town. Later they shot fire towards some civilian and military checkpoints which were under the control of YPG and Asayish (Kurdish security forces). This was accompanied by a fierce attack by ISIS from Tal Hamis direction.  

The power of the attack which included 40 armed vehicles and the small number of Kurdish fighters - around 25 – led to the over winning of ISIS members who controlled the town, and to prove it they exploded the tomb of AlSheikh AlKheznawi  and the two minarets of the mosque there in addition to kidnapping five Kurdish families whose destiny is still unknown.
YPG forces didn’t resist for long. Their simple resistance was to help civilians to go out of the town according to a person affiliated with them.
As usual YPG soon gathered forces surrounding the town and called the civilians through speakers to leave the town because YPG vowed to revenge for exploding the tomb of AlKheznawi and bring back the kidnapped.  
During a fierce attack YPG could re-control the town after killing some while some others ran away.
YPG kept its word and re-controlled Tal Marouf. However, the important question that remains is: Is it going to keep its promise to bring back the kidnapped as well?

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