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The Education Authority in AL-Jazeera province has revealed the details of its plan for the academic year 2018-2019. The opening of the Faculty of Computer and Computer Science in Al-Hasakah City will be the most important step of this year, in addition to the activation of some secondary schools.

 In this regard, the joint head of the Education Authority in the province of AL-Jazeera, Samira Haj Ali, told "Adar Press": "The books and curricula were prepared and printed for most of the educational stages. We have made some modifications to some curricula. The 15th of this month in the various areas of self-democratic management in the official Kurdish and Arabic and Syriac three languages ​​».

"In addition to what was planned, the curriculum for the secondary level was prepared. The curriculum for the tenth grade, and for the general exam (baccalaureate), no practical steps have been taken yet, but it is under consideration and needs some time, because we are gradually following our educational steps."

"We have opened a number of colleges and institutes in different areas. We have opened the College of Computer and Computer Science in Al Hasakah, bringing the total number of faculties to seven, and we have opened the first branch To the Institute of Finance in addition to the opening and equipping of the industrial school in Qamishlo, and is ready to receive students who want to join it ».

"We have equipped a qualified teaching staff and a well-trained teacher, who can teach in accordance with the curricula of democratic self-management, and we have teachers with different specialties from graduates of universities and institutes to cover the need of schools in cities, towns and villages and the fact that we needed all specialties, Arabic, English, history, geography, philosophy, sociology, sports, painting, music, mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural sciences.

 The head of the Education Authority said: "The number of teachers for this year is about 24 thousand teachers and schools, which were sorted and distributed to schools each according to its specialization, was allocated 15 thousand teachers and schools for the primary stage, and 5,000 teachers and schools for the preparatory stage, and 3,000 teachers and secondary school, Along with some administrators and educators to become the total number as I mentioned about 24 thousand ».

As for the schools equipped, Samira Haj Ali said: "The number of schools that have been prepared to receive students for the current academic year is 2225 schools, and the number can reach to 2250 schools.

She added: "It was one of our priorities as an education and education body interested in schools liberated areas and villages, as in the villages of Tal Hamis and Jazaa and villages of Shaddadi and Tel Tamar and Zarkan, and we have opened some classrooms in some refugee camps, in addition to we try to benefit from our mistakes and past experiences, Building a well-developed and educated generation with a good level of science, education and ethics above all else. "

Report / Suhela Sofe

Translation: Adar Press.