Adar Press- Exclusive

The Center for Family Development is one of the centers opened in Derek/ Malikiya, northeast of Syria. It is one of the most important goals and priorities of the Family Development Center to support the family in overcoming the concepts and beliefs that its members may not be able to live in. Awareness courses on the one hand and professional on the other hand, in addition to providing educational and recreational courses for children in a typical and civilized way.

 "The goal of establishing the center is to help all members of the family, from parents to children, but women have the largest share of the center," said Bader Khalil Mohammed, Women are the basic building blocks of healthy societies. The center helps family members in all areas of daily living and education, as well as learning some crafts.

She added: "In this center, two systems are used. The first is the nursery system, where children between the ages of 3 and 4 are accepted. This age group provides all leisure activities, and the other category includes ages between 5 and 12 years, and this category is given ways and methods of learning, and learning sessions on some musical instruments and some sports activities ».

The programs and courses for literacy of mothers who have been deprived of learning in schools, as well as the provision of courses and lectures for educational and awareness-raising, As well as health lectures, and how to deal with family members, to live in tranquility within a participatory life based on awareness and understanding between them, and of course all courses are supervised by specialists in these areas ».

She confirmed that there is a good demand for the center and that they have some criteria in receiving and registering children. The registration priority is for refugees, displaced persons, children of martyrs' families, and then the rest of the other groups. .

"The course system in the center is varied for children, and this is done in coordination and cooperation with the educational complex, where a teacher or A woman teacher is assigned by the educational complex. All these courses are done through an official announcement by the women's office. In the city, to come forward to those wishing to submit to the center and benefit from its activities ».

"The Family Development Center is the first center to be opened in Derek, and there are requests to open similar centers in other areas of self-management," she said.

She pointed out that «the supervisor of the center is the Women's Office in the People's Assembly in Derek, and there is coordination with the Save the Children, which provides some help and support that the center includes the category of children».

Report / Suhaila Sofi
Translation: Adar Press.