Newroz privilege for Ronahitestimonized  by democratic society movement TEV DEM
And to not allowing correspondents covering events is affecting no one but a realistic authority movement

Exclusive ( Adar press ) - Once again , it may not be the last time, an monopoly bythe Democratic Society Movement TEV DEM of  coverage of the events and activities taking place within the Kurdish areas , specificallyinQamishli city  , for its media channel interests / Ronahi/ and its others mass media affiliated to them.

Although most of thevisual  and electronic  correspondents  have taken a permission to work within the Kurdish areas ,  some of the officials  of the Democratic SocietyMovement do not recognize the others  and ignoring the role instinctively , to monopolize the event for their mass media only .


Ten days ago after the bombing in Qamishli ,some Ronahi officials prevented  other correspondents to enter the municipality building to document what happened  pretexting In preserving their lives after the bombing of the municipal building Qamishli, the same story  has taken place at the funeral of the victims of the  municipality explosion.
On the other hand TEV DEM prevented the TV correspondents from  coveringNewroz festivals in Khabat play field in the of TEV DEM and self administration.

This time they said that coverage is exclusive for Ronahi TV channel and as usual one of TEV DEM unnamed officials appears holding a wireless phone and letting no one to approach  the platform.They just ordered not to approach .
But those prevention pretexts were unpleased by some correspondents  for tv channels that are broadcasting from Kurdistan  region  , as soon showed their resentment of those actions , which they described as « irresponsible and unacceptable » and do not serve the Kurdish media as a whole.

However, TEV DEM movement  rejected the accusations against her , and replaiedby an officials when he assured free mass media whileNewroz festivals coverage any kind of without prejudice and impartial attitude.He  acknowledgedthat they prevented representatives of those media means of ascend the platform and only take  scenes  from elsewhere .

On the other hand the permission notes that are given to the journalists by Free media Union were useless as any blank paper in journalist pocket or briefcase.
Which raised the ire of the President of the Union " Mohamed Kamal " after he decided to issue a statement about what happened and the meeting Bmrussela media to find a permanent solution to the problem may not be over.
Mohammad Kamal the head of the Free Media Union was upset and decided to issue a statement and meet with the journalists.
Kamal confirmed that the permissions given  by the  Free Media Unionare likeentering  card to the all parties offices and  civil society  activities to get informations , but noted that the Union will not be able to compel any party if they refused to receive journalists  or not to allow them to shoot .

However, promise to meet formally with the leaders of TEV DEM to discuss what happened in the festival of Newroz , stressing that if it happened agianthey  will issue a statement asking the journalists  not to  cover and of TEV DEM  activities regardless of its importance .
Till to find a clear mechanism to act according to it without restrictions or preconditions ,mass media delegates should stay in their offices and wait  all parties that announced  themselves as  region administrators to find a solution to such problem that may goes on and on..

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