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The decision to exclude owners of harvesters and agricultural mechanisms from the curfew imposed by the self-administration in northern and eastern Syria as a precautionary measure to prevent the Corona epidemic, from the difficulties that hinder the work of this excluded group, while carrying out maintenance and preparations for the current agricultural season, due to high prices and maintenance fees from On the one hand, and their delay in obtaining pass cards to travel between cities and towns from the centers of the Internal Security Forces on the other.

 To find out more about this topic, he spoke to Adar Press, the administrative of the Industrialists ’Union in the Aljazeera region, Abdo Noureddine, saying:“ After the self-management excluded the owners of harvesters and agricultural mechanisms from the curfew, the owners of agricultural harvests in the Aljazeera region in its various cities and towns began maintenance. Annual preparation, in preparation for the harvest season in light of the curfew, especially with the approaching harvest date, as it was necessary to exclude them, because the process of maintenance and preparation of harvesters and agricultural mechanisms requires a lot of time and pre-preparation to be ready ».

He added: “After allowing stores specializing in the field of changing and replacing spare parts for combine harvesters and tractors during the curfew period in the various cities and towns of the Aljazeera
region, we have provided many facilities for the owners of harvesters and tractors through coordination with the Internal Security Forces, to provide official missions that allow them to pass through the barriers ».

He continued: «In fact, we have received many complaints from the owners of harvesters and agricultural mechanisms this period, and they were among the obstacles facing them, their suffering from the high prices of spare parts and their unavailability, in addition to the high maintenance fees by industrialists in some industrial cities in the Aljazeera region» .

And Abdo Noureddine added, “There were other complaints we received, which are their delay in obtaining a pass by the centers of the Internal Security Forces in the main cities of the region, and the reason for their delay in obtaining the traffic card is due to the precautionary measures taken by those in the centers of the security forces to preserve The progress of their work and their movement, and the tremendous amount of auditors who have harvesters and mechanisms for their positions at this time ».

He said: «We make periodic visits to the industrial stores periodically and continuously, and we violate the industrialists in the event that they raise the prices of maintenance, and we disagree with them if they raise the prices of spare parts or monopolize the spare parts needed by these mechanisms, and on our part we ask the brothers owners of vehicles and combine harvesters to review us in the event that the shop does not comply Industrial prices of parts and cost wages, and adherence to the instructions issued by the centers of the Internal Security Forces ».

Report / Judy Hassan
Translation: Adar Press.

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