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The decision to relocate the old vegetable market known as "Al-Aarasa" in the center of Qamishlo city, has sparked reactions between those who support the decision and reject it, while the People's Municipality asserts that its aim is to regulate the city market.

After the spread of random stalls that created a traffic crisis for pedestrians and vehicles at the same time within the city market, and with the aim of organizing the market, the People's Municipality in the city began to remove the old market, after sending notifications to the owners of the ramps, and allocating another more organized place, which showed several reactions to these The move between supporters of the decision and rejecting it, citizens and owners of shops and stalls in the market alike.

 Amid these reactions, and to learn more about this topic, the joint head of the municipality of the people in Qamishlo province, Zouzan Ibrahim told Adar Press that the decision to transfer the current vegetable market to the new (market people), near the Great Mosque, was taken after a meeting between the municipality Qamishlo, Federation of Items and Qamishlu Provincial Council with vegetable sellers, shop owners, tenants, and street vendors.

There are more than 200 vegetable shops in the vegetable market in the city center of Qamishlo, between a tenant and owner of the store, sellers on the stairs and itinerant workers, and about 150 workers and wages work in the Soviets, according to Zozan Ibrahim, and added, “After organizing the market, a greater number can benefit from this market".

She continued: “Because of the crowding and the spread of the stalls randomly, and this caused the difficulty of shoppers moving between the parts of the market, in addition to disturbing smells as a result of the damage of vegetables and noisy sounds, we made the decision to transfer the market, and the municipality signed contracts for five years with the owners of the shops in the new market (the people market) , After being equipped with electricity and sewage, to be ready to work in an organized manner.

Zouzan Ibrahim indicated that the municipality will sign lease contracts with vegetable sellers, at a symbolic price, at 10 thousand Syrian pounds, and that the preference to obtain a store in the new market (the People's Market) is for shop owners in the "Arasah" market.

On the fate of the old vegetable market (Al-Aarasah), Zouzan Ibrahim explained: “The“ Al-Arasah ”market will change its administrative characteristic, and shop owners can change the description of their administrative stores;In another area, with practicing his work and selling vegetables in the new market. ”

Zuzan Ibrahim, the joint head of the municipality of the people, ended her speech by saying, "This project has been in place for years, and it has been implemented. Our aim is to organize the city market, and with regard to complaints received by the municipality, we will work to resolve it in a way that satisfies everyone."

Report / Suhaila Sufi

Translation: Adar Press.