Exclusive (Adar press) - After more than two years since the armed opposition forces entered the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo, and after more than a year since the fighting fronts in Aleppo were calm, Aleppo flared again on all axes of the city from west to east. The fighting and confrontations between Syrian regime forces and the armed opposition broke out in an organized and coordinated way now.  


When “Aleppo"  is mentioned, one directly remembers  the Air Force which rained over the city hundreds of explosive barrels , leaving hundreds of martyrs and thousands wounded, and leading eventually to tightening the regime’s control over the area of Khanasser .


 Opposition forces have been under great pressure recently by the regime, which did not hesitate to launch military campaigns on the opposition in cooperation with the Lebanese Hezbollah Party. Opposition began to breathe a sigh of relief and finally became progressing significantly in several areas in the province.


Because the opposition got hold of some high-tech weapons, and anti-tank missiles , the regime is suffering now from chaos  - according to activists.  The fronts in  ( Air Force Intelligence, Alzahra artillery , and Ramouseh , which is the only supply line for the regime , Old Aleppo, the ancient castle, Bostan Albasha, Almedan, Almudahemeh Branch, Iza’a and many other fronts) significantly inflicted the regime forces.


The opposition forces in the front of Air Force Intelligence and Zahra artillery and Alleramoun got tighter control on the roundabout of Alleramoun and a number of lounges, which were stationed by the regime forces, as well as tightening control of the Association of Finance and the Association of the Aljazeera and the building of the new Justice Palace, and the Red Crescent and the Technical Services Buildings which are close to the Air Force Intelligence building. This place is now on fire of the opposition forces who seek to control it.

According to what has been stated by some activists for Adar Press, there are large numbers of detainees in the building in question.

In the front line in Ramouseh which is the only supply line for the regime, the opposition forces have been able to close the main supply route and control Sadcop factories and Ramouseh Highway and a large number of buildings that were holed up by the regime, in an effort by the opposition to control the Faculties of Armament and Artillery.

"Operations Room of Ahel Alsham ," which launched a battle under the name of  " sit-in " to liberate Aleppo , supervises these fronts dramatically,  along with some Free Army battalions and  Alnusra Front.

In his speech to Adar Perss,  one of the leaders of the “Operations Room of Ahel Alsham” confirms: "The fighting continues, and we are seeking to control the city of Aleppo , and completely , to avenge for the blood of children and civilians who fall on a daily basis .

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