Exclusive(Adar Press)- Damascus.. The magnetic north for religions and faiths
The Kiblah for both Sunnis and Shiites..

The heart of the Middle East and the capital of regional balance..

The war has started to devour the colorful mosaic of this historic city. Al-Nusra Front considers this ongoing war “an old-new conflict”
The sectarian Sunni and Shiite conflict has continued for long decades in Syria, but covertly.
Salafi trends have always existed in Syria and they flourished in cities far from the countryside and politics. These trends organized themselves in religious schools focusing on culture and thought. These schools were the source from which many Syrian intellectuals appeared like Abdulrahman AlKawakibi.  



The strict religious trends in Syria were called the moving Selefi or reform Selefi. These trends kept away from politics and military arena until 1968. Later the Fighting Front – a military branch of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was formed.


The Fighting Front that was announced in 1970 was founded by the member of the MB Marwan Hadeed under the impact of ideas from Saeed Qutub in Eqypt. Marwan Hadeed established a camp for training the members of the Fighting Front in Jordan in 1968-1970.


In June 1979 The Fighting Front hanged 32 Alwai officers in artillery school in Aleppo. This massacre was the beginning of the first sectarian war in Syria. The war ended after Hafez AlAssad committed the massacre in Hama in 1982.


After the events during the 1980s, Hafez AlAssad banned religious trends and issued a death penalty against members of MB. During this period all religious individuals who were close to or supportive of MB were either imprisoned or sentenced to death. Some statistics show that more than 20 thousand persons were lost during that period.
The Syrian MB is the only Islamic organization that follows the Arab nationalistic ideology in Syria. MB attracted the attention of western and Arab politicians for many years. MB took its ideas and ideology from Saeed Qutub in Egypt and later it was formed in Syria at the beginning of the last century.  


MB had a statue in the Syrian parliament and government during those years. The war between MB and the authority started after the coup d’état led by AlBaath Arab Socialist Party in Syria in 1963.


In 1970 the Fighting Front was announced and MB followed a strict doctrine loaded with nationalistic ideology.


The war with Assad authority was unavoidable evil for MB. They made use of the existing conflict between the two Baath parties in Iraq and Syria, so they got support from Saddam Hussein and they set up a camp in Iraq wherein training was done for members of the organizations who left Syria after the massacres in Hama.


After 1982, members of MB who fled to Turkey and Iraq remained silent while the now leaders of MB stayed in Baghdad until the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003.
“First part of a study on Islamic organizations in Syria”.



Exclusive (Adar Press) – prepared by: Barzan Isso.

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