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M Mahfouz Rashid Writer and independent political activist, In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, About the conflict in Idlib, and the safe area, confirms that: Idlib is one of the basic cards that Turkey possesses, and highlights it when necessary in the struggle against others to improve its position and conditions in the Syrian crisis, Idlib under Turkish tutelage, both militarily and administratively, in one way or another.

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Kurdish activist and political writer "Pir Rustem" said that there is more than one reading about the “safe area” that is being talked about in northern Syria, and he believes that this area, if established, would be a safety and security zone for the Kurdish and Turkish sides under the protection of US-Turkish control.

Adar Press – Exclusive

Talaat Yunus, Joint Chairman of the Executive Council of the Gezira Region, confirms that: Several meetings were held in the Kazakh capital, Nur Sultan, the latest of which was the 13th Astana Round, without making any progress that would end the crisis of syria and reach an agreement, as the parties involved are responsible for the crisis and have brought the situation to where it is now.

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in response to "Adar press", about the speculation that the accounting of Turkey and Iran is part of the scheme or the project of the new Middle East is on the way to investigation, and is there really a plan to change the Middle East? Basman Assaf said, a Syrian political researcher:

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M Mahfouz Rashid Writer and independent political activist, In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, On the Syrian crisis, the safe area, Agreement of Astana, and other issues confirms that: The United States and Russia are responsible for the course of the events in Syria and the course of their affairs. From the beginning, it is based on implicit and undisclosed understandings of the sharing of spheres of influence, the distribution of roles, the elimination of armed terrorist organizations such as "Al-Nsura" and ISIS and others and the weakening of the radical opposition parties (Politically, militarily, logistically ...), thus ending the existence and role of Iran first and then Turkey II and the organizations and their affiliated groups in the Syrian file.

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The representative of the self-administration of North and East Syria in Lebanon, Abdulsalam Ahmed, that they have not yet felt «positive signs» by Damascus on the calls of the Syrian Democratic Council and demands, stressing that the calls of the Council stems from the concern to find a political solution to the crisis and maintain the unity of the country, Pointing out at the same time that the process of liberating Afrin is one of the priorities of Syria's democratic forces.

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Dr. Rizgar Qassem, President of the Kurdistan Renewal Movement in Syria, confirms that: Turkey is in an awkward position; it is between the hammer of the Americans and the Russians, and it has tried to play on both sides, along with its expansionist ambitions in the region, which clashes with the winds of change and the interests of the superpowers on the one hand and the loss of its terrorist arm on the other. Reflects negatively on Turkey and its floundering policies.

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Dr. Farid Saadoun, Kurdish academic, In a special interview for Adar Press, about  The Iranian presence in Syria, Iran's attempt to mediate between Syria and Turkey to solve the problem of East Euphrates, in addition to the Turkish threats to eastern Euphrates and the attempt to protect the international coalition of the Syrian Democratic Forces. confirms that:

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"Kazem Khalifa" leader of the Kurdish reform movement, About the dialogues that the self-management with Russia, the arrangements that leaked by the media about the US-Turkish agreement, the position of the Kurdish forces, and others.confirms that:

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