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Riad Darar, President of the Syrian Democratic Council, In an exclusive interview with Adar Press On the crisis of US-Turkish relations, and whether Turkey may resort to Russia as an alternative ally after the recent sanctions, in addition to the Idleb file and the battle there, And The role of the Syrian democratic forces in this battle, along with my file; the return of the Syrian refugees, the preparations of the regime for the local administration elections, and whether these elections will include the areas of self-administration or not.

 He confirms that: There is pressure on the Turkish economy, not just boycotting, and this may threaten Turkey with more internal crises. These crises can strengthen Erdogan at home, and his supporters can rally around him.

He says: The allies of Astana are allied in taking the damage, and the United States is waving to everyone that he is a player who can not be overcome, and that those who surpass him or challenge him will receive his share of the damage.

He went on and saying: The last battle is in Idlib. For the Syrian democratic forces it can intervene in the areas under its control, at least in the northern regions of Aleppo, and we can say that the battle of Afrin might begin if the Battle of Idlib begins, and Afrin must be liberated before Idlib is liberated.

He continues: The return of the Syrian refugees is a Russian game aimed at saying to the Russian interior that the battle has reached its end and that its results will return to Russia with good things. There are no guarantees in the case of the return of the displaced. The vengeful regime will not have mercy on anyone to return.

He conclude his speech by saying: Local elections in the middle of the ninth month is the game of the regime to say that it is in control of the regions, but certainly in Raqqa, Deir al-Zour and Hasakah will not have the ability to carry out these elections unless the self-management agreed, and if the forces in these areas agreed to the Syrian Democratic forces, Democratic Syria is the political representative of these forces.

Interviewed by: suhela sofi

Translation: Adar press

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