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Aktham Naisse, Director of the Center for Democracy Studies and Human Rights,  About the meetings that have been held so far between the Syrian Democratic Council and the Syrian regime and the importance of these meetings, in addition to the forthcoming battle of Idlib and its repercussions internally and externally, along with the file of the collapse of the Turkish lira, and whether Erdogan will bow to American demands or not.

 He confirms that: The Syrian regime is now living the euphoria of victory, so it is far from being able to act with political rationality at this stage. It sees itself as the most powerful and capable military.

He adds: It can be said that negotiations between the Syrian Democratic Council and the regime will not lead to positive results of significant significance to both sides or to make an important step towards the future condition of Syria from the perspective of "democratic decentralization and pluralism rights".

He went on and saying: I am not opposed to the principle of negotiation, but I see it in the case of the conditions of equality is very vital and the only and final option to end the Syrian crisis, but I see that what the Syrian Democratic Council in this area and his prompt and quick impulse, did not come in time and political time.

He continues: I would like to point out my deep fear that the bargaining in Idlib in the framework of the bargaining on self-management and the north of Syria will be part of a general settlement. This is what I am most afraid of, and this fear is based on real ground because Turkey wants it and can give up Idlib in exchange for concessions by America in the north Syria.

He conclude his speech by saying: Erdogan will apologize, and will implement all American demands, and US demands are not only the case of the pastor, but there are demands related to the Syrian crisis and the other stuck.

 Interviewed by: Suhela Sofi

Translation: Adar press

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