Adar Press – Exclusive

"Kazem Khalifa" leader of the Kurdish reform movement, About the dialogues that the self-management with Russia, the arrangements that leaked by the media about the US-Turkish agreement, the position of the Kurdish forces, and others.confirms that:

 It is not a secret that a Turkish pretext is always to protect its security from the terrorists as it claims, but the truth is that it fears the existence of a Kurdish entity in any part of Kurdistan and that which terrorizes it.

He says: Without consensus on the management of the region politically and militarily between the forces on the ground will be the region to further chaos and loss of security, the region can not be settled without a political solution to the situation in Syria in general

He went on and saying: The Peshmerga are Syrian Kurds ... but they will not come to be mere border guards for the Turkish regime. They look forward to reviving the agreements reached between the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdistan Regional Council (Hawler and Dahuk)

He continues: It is known that Russia is one of the most confused forces of the American decision as it seeks to work for the best relations with the Turkish regime, so I do not think the results are satisfactory in this meeting between Russia and the delegation of self-management

He conclude his speech by saying: When Trump says to Erdogan, I will leave Syria for you. It means that you will enter into a conflict with all the powerful forces on your own. Perhaps this is why Erdogan took the position of delay after announcing that he would implement his threats as soon as possible.

Interviewed by: Suhela Sofi

Translation: Adar press