Adar Press – Exclusive

Dr. Rizgar Qassem, President of the Kurdistan Renewal Movement in Syria, confirms that: Senator Lindsey Graham's statements about the people's protection units while in Turkey are nothing but a compliment to Turkish public opinion.

 "Qassem" In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, adds: The US administration will not change its policies in Syria or in the region, and will not withdraw, but will remain there for its own interests.

 He says: We have entered a new phase: the stage of concluding political deals, which I consider more sensitive than the previous stages (war), and here all parties to the conflict will do their best to get the most of the gains.

He conclude his speech by saying: In order to preserve the gains of our people and liberate what was stolen from us like Afrin; we must master the arts of diplomacy on the basis of what is the intersection of interests with the allied forces by taking the distant strategic dimension into account.

Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Editor: E.Ahmad

Translation: Adar press

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